Author: Vladimir Bely, Deputy Director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum

Author: Vladimir Bely, Deputy Director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum

Start reforms with the student. Motivate him, for example, by not receiving a certificate, the inability to be a civil servant with low grades, close fake universities and especially branches, so that the idiot does not sit for 5 years, wiping his pants, and raised the economy, etc.

But the student will give a kick in the ass to a bad teacher. And you don’t need a bunch of controllers. Take a look at the tutors: one queue is recorded for a year, and the other has the whole wall in the diplomas, and no one goes because it does not work “- Alexander Parkhomchuk.

The second inflection is another hope for the “modernization” of student activity.

As an example, the new “icon”, in which education-related structures, including commercial ones, are so interested, is a widespread, I would say, exalted emphasis on the incredible prospects that await school education from its conversion to STEAM education.

According to the public about the even greater educational effectiveness of experimental IT teaching tools, the community must forget that within the physiological norms of students’ educational process, such classes cannot be its main content, because most students will remain uneducated even by elementary ABSTRACT scientific concepts. And what is like nowhere else in the world, so it is not planned.

As the logo, image and number were the main in learning, so they will remain so, and practical support as support was, and will remain only as a certain part of educational process for applications of mental-analytical ability of the person acquired during studying of theoretical bases of sciences and basics of socio-cultural types of creativity.

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Most people need a training certificate as a guarantee of success in certification

V. White: on the prospects of external evaluation for teachers

Author: Vladimir Bely, ex-deputy director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.

Let me once again talk about the prospects of our certification of teachers.

Formally, it looks or should look like every teacher cares about their professional growth. At least to get more money.

Are Ukrainian teachers satisfied with the current procedure for in-service training, ie exclusively through IPPO courses?

If not, because there are constant complaints about the lack of opportunities for teachers other than through IPPO to implement individual-targeted postgraduate additional training.

Will these other forms of in-service training be really effective? Yes and no!


Because in a system where clan or party-shadow factors influencing the result of teacher certification are the most important, no improvements to the existing system will give a better new result.

Professional development as such is of interest only to a certain circle of naturally best teachers, who cannot live ontologically other than by continuous development.

Instead, the majority needs a document on additional training as a guarantee of success during the next certification.


Not so in the system, where the certification for the highest official salary (category) is exclusively INDEPENDENT of the local educational management level.

How is this done?

For example, in France, this is done by general subject / administrative inspectors, who personally certify teachers / administrators and are creatures of the highest state level and do not depend in any way on local representatives of education or other authorities. In addition to the power to assign a new category, they also have a high and clearly specific responsibility – to resort to possible abuses in favor of third parties means to be an enemy to oneself.

A fundamentally different example is the practice in Israel, where teacher certification takes place in short narrative ideas special centers and, of course, in the mode of electronic independent testing.

With such essentially independent forms of certification, all types of advanced training become effective, because it simply does not make sense to imitate it for the sake of a document on additional training. The result of the preparation is more important than just the process itself as a reference. It is not the presence of a certificate that affects the certification process, but only the applicant himself with his acquired new competencies.


Exactly not to design such a new quality certification, when its result will be determined at a meeting of the commission, which will vote r-u-k-a-m-i !!!

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The government’s inability to draw adequate conclusions is an example of the fact that Soviet education was not the best in the world

Vladimir Bely: the government’s ability to draw conclusions

Author: Vladimir Bely, ex-deputy director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.

Here is the conclusion from Mr. Viktor Mysan: “I want to make such a conclusion. To teach students well, you need to either have selected similar abilities and other traits, or you need an individual approach. And this is a tutor! ”The Ukrainian government should have done it a quarter of a century ago.

And this is not difficult, because the authorities of hundreds of countries for almost a century provide such an organization of education, in which each local community is guaranteed to have an institution / institutions for “” selected similar in ability “high school students.

With regard to students in grades 5-9, it is not necessary to worry in this regard, because it is enough to provide everyone with guaranteed opportunities to obtain a basic foundation in science and culture, rather than “run in front of the locomotive” in search of individual expression. Electives and clubs are enough for the latter, which is not the case with high school students.

Of course, it is not difficult to create a network of institutions in which this principle of “having selected similar abilities” is implemented, if the concept of “specialized institutions for high school students” is perceived in a fully adequate way and not primitively superficially …

First, a specialized institution is a separate institution, which is entered somewhere as in universities or colleges.

Secondly, a profile institution is only in rare cases of very large cities it can be a lyceum of information technologies, a physics-mathematics or humanities lyceum, etc. As a rule, it is an institution in which ALL classes are exclusively profile, and the profiles themselves are as many as students, community / country need.

Here you need to be able to see the essence of the concept, its purpose and adequate forms of implementation, rather than the formal correspondence of the word as such.

And with this we have big problems. And not only among government officials, but also among teachers themselves.

In this regard, we have an appropriate example with thematic assessment, which was introduced to move away from the vicious practice of episodic fragmentary assessments, which did not contribute to the system-comprehensive training of students. It was even noted that from now on it is allowed not to put such grades in the class journal, as the whole world of advanced education has been doing for a long time.

It seemed that Ukrainian teachers would also move to the rails of assessment technology, in which EACH scheduled attestation work, in the consciously feasible for the student section of study time, will consist only of full-thematic tasks and some tasks that contain inter-thematic links.

And it turned out that most of the teachers and their supervisors understood all this so that now each topic requires certification, even if it (the topic) had 1-2 teaching hours in the classroom.

And with specialized institutions – most see a big problem with them, because they understand that each such institution must have some one profile.

Third, a profile institution is an institution in which a high school student gets the opportunity to realize their desires, but not in an unconditional format. Yes, you have this opportunity, but only if you personally meet the minimum requirements of the scientific / cultural base for such training, which is confirmed by your results of independent assessment after the 9th grade.

At the same time, in some cases, people even deviate from the concept of a separate class, and use the format of a flexible composition of profile groups, which is complemented by the integration of students of different profiles in general education classes.

The inability of our government to draw adequate conclusions is another example of the fact that the former Soviet education was not the best in the world, because its continuation in the form of a post-Soviet “clone” is only one of the channels of throwing taxpayers’ money “to the wind”. all signs of misuse of budget funds.

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“There” will not allow to “smear” means which are provided for work of educational system

V. White: on teacher training

Author: Vladimir Bely, Deputy Director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.

Advanced training: “concern” for qualification or objectivity in its definition?

Why are there no state-funded structures in foreign education systems with the function of mandatory involvement of teachers in in-service training to issue them with a document to that effect?


first, universities do not issue pseudo-diplomas of “successful” graduation; secondly, the system is not limited to the graduation procedure, but also adds a final attestation (in different countries it varies in form), the essence of which is to make sure that the graduate, as a candidate for a job in an educational institution , is able learned to apply; third, the state cannot use coercion in any form (direct or indirect), because it will violate the basic constitutional rights of the individual; fourthly, and this is the main thing – they fully recognize that “… Independent development of new in the profession a priori can not but be advanced training.”

Only about this “there” also take into account that the presence of the process (training) is not yet a guarantee of results. Yes, the process is necessary, but not enough, because there are pathological failures or similar exceptions to the rule, which for the system can become such a “spoon of tar for a barrel of honey” – to demotivate the majority to a truly productive learning and refocus on it. imitation.

We have, as Ms. Olena Matushevska notes, also if there is the same official position on the part of the state: “… 800 resolution determines what it can do.